Custom app development for Teams: 6 hours workshop


Simplify your daily business by app integration and workflow automation in Microsoft Teams - easily with custom app development that meets your needs.

With this workshop, we will help your company learn how to maximize the value of Teams by integrating apps and workflows tailored to your business needs. We will Introduce you to custom-built collaborative apps, process automation tools, and discover custom line-of-business solutions. We will leverage the rich set of Teams capabilities and help your company increase workforce productivity, automate repetitive tasks and create collaborative experiences.

Procedure of the workshop: 3 1-2 hours remote sessions

  1. Assessment: In the first sesssion we learn about your environment, requirements and challenges. We introduce you to Teams Platform and its capabilities.
  2. Art of the possible: We show you the possibilites of connecting and collaborating with apps and process automation with low code.
  3. Build the plan: We analyze and prioritize business scenarios for app integration.
  4. An example for a possible business app integrated in Teams is the organisation of sales processes for commercial agents incl. the following app features:

    • calendar & appointments
    • contact and order management incl. digital signature
    • features can be used offline
    • 3rd party connection for SAP, Dynamics, etc.
    • welcome service
    • GPS-supported
    • autocompletion
    • communication of product information and campagnes
    This workshop is available in English and German.

    IPI GmbH - Custom app development

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