iT1's Security Assessment

It1 Source LLC

Improve your security awareness and be prepared to defend against common security threats with Microsoft 365 Security Tools

iT1's Security Assessment will help you gain insights to your current state of security, understand how to prioritize, and mitigate potential threats, and improve your organization’s overall approach to cybersecurity.

Our assessment will explore the benefits of Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management and Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management to score your existing security model and scan user & device risk activities across all workstations, endpoints, and servers. Based on our findings and analysis, we will work with your team and align your business goals to help develop a strategic evergreen security and governance plan and provide best practices on how to identify new weaknesses and remediate vulnerabilities nearly real time using Microsoft 365 advanced security tools such as Microsoft Defender and Advanced Threat Protection.

In our assessment, our team of cloud security experts will deliver the following:

  • Insights into common cybersecurity threats and the impact they can have on business operations.
  • Identify a baseline of your organization’s cybersecurity policies using Microsoft Exchange Online Protection, Microsoft Purview Data Loss Protection, and Microsoft Defender for Office 365.
  • Highlight the key features of Microsoft 365 Security Tools to help reduce phishing attacks and defend against threats by enabling Local Admin password management and Security Authorization protection. -Develop an actionable and evergreen governance plan with Microsoft Insider Risk Management to identify initial policies to configure and recommend long-term polices to continue to strengthen your security posture. -Knowledge Share and documentation related to your Security strategy and continued management

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