Sustainability Data Management Platform: 16 Week Solution Program

ITC Infotech India Limited

Comprehensive sustainability data platform for Manufacturing & Consumer Industries covering processes across requirement specifications in areas of Emission, Energy, Water & Waste.

Value proposition
Our solution helps organizations across the spectrum of sustainability maturity, by extending our sustainability data platform to address emerging data management issues in the domain, with a focus on trusted data, for external disclosures and increased frequency of reporting needs. This solution builds on ITC Infotech’s Consulting Assessment offering or can work with the customer’s existing roadmap.

Key features

Our offering provides a comprehensive solution to abstract sustainability management issues into two categories, here-and-now problems and emerging asks. In the first category, we offer solutions to common challenges such as manual efforts during data entry and aggregation, usage of Excel sheets, and limited access to the data source. Our program ensures complete auditability, improves trust in the data, and enables businesses to perform basic analytics and visualizations.

On Emerging asks such as climate risk assessment and lifecycle assessment, we plan to provide an integration framework with COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) tools to provide said capabilities.

Our solution helps businesses collect, aggregate, manage, analyze, and take informed decisions based on trusted data. With our onsite/offshore model, the key phases being - Functional Specification Definition, System Design, Build, Test, Deploy, and Support - we ensure a smooth and efficient implementation process, with engagement durations ranging from 14-18 weeks (depending on complexity and phases planned).

Program Outcomes:

  1. Detailed Functional Requirements Specification for Emission, Energy, Water, Waste.
  2. Detailed roadmap for Data Ingestion, Extraction Transformation Loading.
  3. Building data pipes, testing and user training.
  4. Production Version of Solution.
  5. Solution Documentation – Architecture & Deployment.

Customer Requirements As the solution is tailor-made to meet customer's requirements, customer's SMEs must be available for functional specification definition and acceptance testing.


  • 600 K$ for DEV,QA, PROD environment for ACV
  • 300k for Licenses of Powerapps for 1000 users

Designed for organizations across Manufacturing & Consumer Goods industries that require trusted data, our program helps customers in their sustainability journey, enabling them to make informed decisions, build a production version of the solution, and provide solution documentation, including Architecture and Deployment, and achieve their sustainability goals.

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