SharePoint Intranet Quickstart Deployment: 4-week Implementation

Klarinet Solutions

Deploy a new Corporate Intranet to Improve Collaboration, Communications and Data Sharing!

The first attempt at creating a corporate Intranet usually leads to an expensive learning curve and hours of rework to make it usable for employees.

Our highly skilled professionals will assist with the planning, preparation, implementation and training of your SharePoint based Intranet to meet the specific goals.

Guiding your organization from the old way of communicating and sharing files, to the Microsoft Modern Digital Workplace.

This package includes:

  • Architecture guidance
  • Analyze content
  • Colors, logo, and unique design
  • Training workshops

Training for admin, owners and end users:

  • Admin training: SharePoint management, governance, settings, security and more.
  • SharePoint owner training: Creating SharePoint, customizing SharePoint, settings and more.
  • End user training: SharePoint 101, messaging, meetings, channels and more.

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