Microsoft Teams Quickstart Deployment: 4-Wk Implementation

Klarinet Solutions

Quickly Enable Your Microsoft Teams Solution to Match your Business Requirements While Training and Empowering your Employees and Scale Teams in the Right Way!

Microsoft Teams enables your remote users to start working immediately. Our Teams solutions experts will teach you how to harness the benefits of document sharing, document collaboration, instant messaging, video conferencing, working in OneDrive, and connecting with others remotely.

Through this comprehensive, focused deployment, we'll ensure that you are quickly enabling your Teams solution to match your business requirements while training and empowering your employees to scale the solution the right way.

The Teams LightSpeed package includes:

  • Full Teams Site Information Architecture
  • Installation and configuration of your Teams sites
  • Security and compliance overview and knowledge transfer
  • Team owner knowledge transfer sessions
  • 1-hour Team admin training
  • 1-hour Team owner training
  • 1-hour Team member training

Training for Admins, Owners & End Users:

  • Team Admin Training: Teams Management, Governance, Settings, Security & More
  • Team Owner Training: Creating Teams, Customizing Teams, Settings & More
  • Team Member End-User Training: Teams 101, Messaging, Meetings, Channels & More

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