BC- Business Process and Review: 5-Day Assessment

Kopis, LLC

Kopis will execute a collaborative review of “Processes, People, & Systems”, focusing on business process/workflow improvements, and system changes to implement business system improvements.

This engagement will incorporate on-site reviews and data assimilation relative to primary Client operations, and off-site data analysis and report creation. The engagement also includes a ½ day session where the final report containing all findings and recommendations will be presented and discussed.


The objectives of this engagement are to:

  • understand “as is” Client operational and financial processes,
  • formulate and document recommendations for process improvements in order to reduce or eliminate delay, excess, and/or waste inherent in the “as is” process,
  • identify challenges with current business applications in use, and
  • establish functional software and system requirements and recommendations that dovetail with the “to be” business process model to enable the business to achieve its primary operational and financial objectives.

Deliverables - Report and presentation reviewing the assessment objectives, findings and recommendations.

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