Teams Calling Migration: 2-hr Workshop

Let's Go Purple

A free 2-hour Discovery workshop to create a roadmap to transition your telephony services to Microsoft Teams

Purple offers cloud telephony solutions with an end-to-end approach, to guarantee a successful migration based on your wishes. We can deliver, implement and manage the entire package. We offer our own cloud SBC environment: a secure, stable and scalable solution with an infrastructure that is fully supported and managed.

Our solutions are flexible: we can connect to your existing environment in various ways. This allows you to transition to Teams Calling even within your existing telephony contracts. Using either existing SIP services or providing you with Purple-managed SIP solutions is possible. It is good to know, that Purple offers a managed telephony network with coverage in over 60 countries. Thanks to our Managed SIP services, all telephone numbers and calling plans can be managed for you out of one unified solution. And the good news is, in most cases, it can save you money.

Purple understands the importance of thorough user adoption and change management. Our approach is targeted, relevant and proven to be effective. We believe the value of your transition can only be redeemed when the solution provided is efficiently actually used by the end-user.


• Phased and controlled migration to Teams telephony • Analyzing work processes and determining the best migration strategy for your organization • Provide cloud infrastructure that is managed by Purple (managed services) • Support in achieving an adopted hybrid working strategy • Support the (IT) organization with 2nd/3rd line support on your telephony services • Contribute and advice on the implementation of new market developments/features • Coordinating/supporting the user transition/change as part of our targeted adoption approach


We offer a free 2-hour Discovery workshop. The purpose is to create a personalized overview of your current and future ideal situation concerning Microsoft Teams calling for your organization. This provides good insight into where you are right now and where you want to be. This created the guideline on which we can create a roadmap to transition your telephony services to Microsoft Teams.The results of the workshop include:

  1. Map and Gap comparison between your current and future situation
  2. Clearly defined requirements incl. success/acceptance criteria
  3. Solutions and services recommendation
  4. High-level design (architecture) of the new situation
  5. Plan van approach for the migration to the new situation
  6. Input for a general cost overview and proposal for the migration to Microsoft Teams calling

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