Lighthouse Microsoft SharePoint Premium Security and Compliance Assessment: 4 Wk

Lighthouse Global

Interactive assessment to identify opportunities to increase efficiency using Microsoft SharePoint Premium for data security and data governance use cases.

Bridging the gap between legal, compliance, and content AI

The primary goal of the Microsoft SharePoint Premium Security and Compliance Assessment Agenda is to provide cross-functional knowledge around SharePoint Premium and bridge the communication gap between legal, compliance, and technical implementation. The program is structured to enable corporate strategy synergies by helping meet security, compliance, and legal needs with a focus on IT maximizing their investment with Microsoft 365. We tailor each assessment to meet the specific focus area(s) needed for each client based on our initial discovery and identification of the organizations most important goals and use cases.

Advisory assessment deliverables include a go-forward plan providing:  -An in-depth review of security, legal, information governance, and compliance key issues and concerns as well as a review of data sources. -Hands-on overview of Microsoft SharePoint Premium to ensure stakeholders have a clear understanding of functionality, capabilities, and potential feature gaps. -Long-term recommendations to manage data protection, information governance, data classification, eDiscovery, and compliance needs.

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