Take your Voice of Consumer Analytics to organization


Take your Voice of Consumer Analytics to organization-wide level

Understand business drivers and impact coming from consumer listening by consolidating all your consumer feedback data with Sales & Marketing results

  1. Consumer analytics teams are spending too much time on gathering and getting insights from the data
  2. Consumer feedback is gathered in dozens of third-party solutions
  3. Your marketing team is not able to get consolidated view on deep consumer insights
  4. Your organization receives contradictory consumer insights coming form multiple sources

• VOC is a solution for centralized consumer feedback, powered by AI. • Integrating different consumer touchpoint data (social media comments, forums, chats, Infoline contacts, e-mails, product reviews and ratings, complaints, surveys etc.) • allowing easy insights generation and understanding, clear reporting, trends analysis, alerts notification and single comment drill down. • It enables quick reaction to consumer feedback, facilitated decision making process and lowers operational costs and information processing timing. With VOC you can:

  • Find meaning in the consumer feedback data
  • Get valuable and actionable consumer insights in just 1 week
  • Save up to 30% time on manual analytics
  • Gain 10% more accurate analysis leveraging AI solutions

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