Replication Services Review: 2-Day Assessment

LS Retail

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help make your customer’s experience smooth and carefree.

Savvy Retailers are always looking for ways to make customers experiences as smooth and carefree as possible. Proactively reviewing your data transport mechanisms to ensure no growth or customizations have introduced errors or latency is a quick win for ensuring high customer satisfaction.

LS Retail Consultants will examine your Replication Services infrastructure to ensure it is error-free and functioning at optimal performance.


Day 1

  • Overview of LS Retail Scheduler Back Office and Stores
  • Jobs and Sub Jobs
  • Data Director
  • Web Services
  • Job Monitors


Day 2

  • Delivery of recommended best practices for your business with recommendations for changes
  • Analysis of Jobs and Sub Jobs with an emphasis on timing and economy of data transmittals
  • Best design practices for setting up Data Directors
  • Job Monitor analysis and points of failures and recovery options

LS Retail has over 25 years of experience in the Retail industry, supporting tens of thousands of customers with innovative Retail-focused solutions that allow them to service their customers, easier, simpler, and faster.

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