LTIMindtree Business Applications Upgrade and Cloud Migration Roadmap for Success for AX, GP, NAV and SL Installations – 4 Weeks Assessment

LTIMindtree Limited

This is a free upgrade and cloud migration assessment for legacy on-premise installations.

This Consulting engagement provides customers a clear upgrade roadmap and cloud migration plan for success. Assessment covers below migration options:

• Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations online • Dynamics GP, NAV, SL, or Business Central on-premises to Dynamics 365 Business Central online

 This assessment is part of AIM MC (Accelerate, Innovate and Move Modernization Center), where LTIMindtree is a trusted partner.  Holistic and structured assessment approach covering, functional, technical and architectural aspects utilizing automated tools for thoroughness  Assessment report will align with senior management priorities, utilizing best practices, minimizing the risks in rollout along with review by Microsoft experts.  Organizations can confidently migrate to the cloud with this customized roadmap.

Customer need or pain that the offer addresses:

Legacy, On-premise ERP systems can impact business in many ways • It is difficult and to change, due to heavy customizations. • Difficult to update the business process as original SMEs might have left the organization • Missing new age necessities like available anywhere and anytime • Older technology not offering latest features such as GenAI, Co-pilots, business apps capability etc • Higher costs for support, maintenance, and enhancements AI and co-pilots are taking center stage as a game-changing technology modernizing the way work gets done. It’s driving innovation across business applications. New age low code automation platforms on the other hand will aid in hyper-automation of business process minimizing the need for manual labour. Native integration with collaboration tools such as Outlook, Teams, SharePoint etc will directly improve the agent productivity. New age data analytics tools can provide predictive reporting, predict supply chain disruption - speeding time to actionable insights. Organizations that keep their business applications on-premises will miss the opportunity to unlock new business capabilities and outcomes.

An advanced ERP solution such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation and Dynamics 365 Business Central both provide these and many more advanced capabilities out of the box.

Value Proposition:

By switching to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations on cloud or Dynamics 365 Business Central on cloud solutions your organization will benefit from the following:

• Advanced Functionality: Make the most of cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity and streamline manual tasks.

• Generative AI – advanced co-pilot functionality improving agent productivity

• Power Platform – Leading low code-no code platform to satisfy point needs of business application at enterprise scale – such as expense report generator, risk tracker etc

• Seamless Integration: Consolidate operations from the departments of manufacturing, supply chain, operations, and finance onto a single, unified platform.

• Cost Reduction: cut down on infrastructure, maintenance and support costs

• Access Anywhere, anytime- Gives your team the freedom to collaborate from any location at any time with safe access to vital information.

• Microsoft Support - Enablement of continues support and enhancement from Microsoft.

The upgrade and migration plan will be based on LTIMindtree's "Evolve" migration framework which addresses below aspects of program delivery. It follows Microsoft's Success By Design principles:

Process –

• Harmonization of Processes, Global Template, Identification of System Changes. • Early access to new SaaS environment features and demonstrations • Fit gap analysis report • Precise mapping of new application to current processes

Solution –

The solution includes reviewing customizations, page modifications, reporting change, Deprecated Method functionalities, Review ISV add-ins and Integrations.

• Enhancing integrations to adopt SaaS platform. • Leverage possible automations. • Replace legacy reporting tool. • Explore Dashboard and BI reporting features

Data – • Data strategy (Archive / Upgrade), Decide what you're inclined to purge or achieve. • Data Cleaning, Data Transformation • Decision on data migration

Licenses & Tools – • Decision on User License Type • Required licenses for the duration of upgrade. • Required equipment for the duration of upgrade.

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