Dynamics 365 Security Audit: 2-Day Assessment

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Secure your Dynamics 365 environment by identifying the main risks to your data

In an era of remote work and global data breaches, data security is a key priority for all businesses. Securing your CRM system is particularly important, as it contains valuable insights and private information, including client details, potential client details, and information about your business. Running a security audit is the best way to identify and eliminate your system’s vulnerabilities.

During our two-day Dynamics 365 security audit, our team of security experts will evaluate your current Dynamics 365 environment. We will identify risks and propose solutions that strengthen your platform’s security. To ensure our recommendations are tailored to your business needs, we will work with stakeholders within your organization to understand your business domain, requirements, and existing Dynamics 365 architecture. At the end of the two days, you will have a strong understanding of the steps you need to take to effectively secure your platform.

Target Audience

  • IT managers
  • Security admins
  • Data architects
  • Engineers


  • A comprehensive audit report
  • A detailed analysis of existing security risks
  • Our proposed solutions to security risks
  • Recommendations to reinforce security best practices


Day 1: Evaluation

  • Understand your organization’s access to Dynamics 365
  • Evaluate security roles and privileges, including out-of-the-box security roles, custom security roles, and role/entities with share privileges
  • Assess business units against our proven best practices (max 5 units), including security roles (max 10 roles), field security profiles (max 5 profiles), and custom entities (max 10 entities)

Day 2: Risk Assessment & Solution Proposal

  • Identify security risks
  • Propose security solutions
  • Prepare and share a comprehensive audit report

Note: This offer does not include solution development or customization. If you are interested in these services, we are happy to provide estimates.

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