Migrate Qlik to Power BI: 3-Week Implementation

MAQ Software

Migrate one of your Qlik workbooks to Microsoft Power BI, leveraging your existing data infrastructure (SQL/Azure Analysis Services/SAP HANA/SNOWFLAKE and other data sources supported by Power BI).

Landing a new tool right the first time is critical for successful adoption. This means that providing the best reporting experience to end users and ensuring a smooth transition to the new report is crucial. After better understanding your requirements, we will create a Power BI report with a Direct Query model, satisfying the reporting requirements fulfilled by your current report. We will work closely with your analysts/report developers and business stakeholders to fully understand your story, data, and views in order to create an intuitive and user-friendly Power BI report.

Target Customers:

  • Power BI sponsors
  • IT admins
  • Report developers


  • Week 1: Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • Week 2: Build and Execution
  • Week 3: Deployment and Post-Production Support


  • Report Mock-up
  • One Power BI report


  • Power BI Service removes the dependency on the on-prem Qlik server, reducing maintenance and bottleneck
  • Reduction in reporting cost in regard to Qlik licenses
  • Integration with Office 365/Azure; license management is simplified via Office 365


  • Access on the Qlik app; providing a Qlik license for a team member to view the app is also needed
  • Access on the underlying data source used in the Qlik app
  • Provide access to the Power BI workspace; team members will require a license to access Power BI Service
  • List of features used in the current report (e.g., NPrinting to send subscriptions)

Note: Qlik is also used to perform ETL. We will provide the same recommendations for Power BI migration as well.

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