Virtual Dashboard in a Day (DIAD): 8-Hour Workshop

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Learn the Power BI basics with our one-day workshop

Power BI is a powerful self-service data visualization platform that enables you to centralize and share data for faster insights. During our 8-hour Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) workshop you will learn how to use and build Power BI dashboards to quickly access key business insights. Our team of certified engineers will custom design a program that focuses on your organization’s specific business requirements and use cases.

Target Audience

  1. Business analysts
  2. Self-service users
  3. Beginner BI developers (groups of 30-50)


Lab 1: Accessing & Preparing Data

  1. Accessing data
  2. Preparing data
  3. Consolidating data from multiple sources
  4. Merging multiple queries
  5. Cleansing data (and eliminating errors)
  6. Defining calculations to generate new fields
  7. Understanding correlations, exceptions, and business outcomes

Lab 2: Modeling Data

  1. Modeling data
  2. Drilling down to hierarchical data
  3. Filtering, sorting, and highlighting data
  4. Exploring different potential visualizations

Lab 3: Designing a Stunning Report

  1. Understanding out-of-the-box and custom visuals
  2. Building intuitive reports
  3. Using themes
  4. Adding backgrounds, slicers, maps, tiles, and images
  5. Creating bookmarks, and buttons
  6. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) visuals like smart narratives
  7. Power BI service demo

Lab 4: Sharing Insights

  1. Creating a mobile view
  2. Publishing reports
  3. Building dashboards
  4. Pinning report visuals
  5. Pinning Q&A visuals

Lab 5: Sharing Reports & Dashboards

  1. Collaborating on reports and dashboards
  2. Sharing with other Power BI users in your organization
  3. Packaging reports in apps for easy consumption and control

Key Takeaways

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Connect and transform data from a variety of data sources
  2. Define business rules and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  3. Effectively represent data with powerful interactive visuals
  4. Design stunning reports
  5. Share dashboards with teams and business partners, and publish them to the web


  1. Introductory workshop for analysts that are new to Power BI
  2. Provides overview of complete workflow of Power BI report development
  3. Completely hands-on workshop


Pre-Configured Set-Up for Your Computer/Laptop:

  1. System requirements: Computer with minimum 2-cores and 4GB RAM running on Windows 8/Windows Server 2008 R2, or later
  2. Display: Minimum resolution of 1440x900 or 1600x900, and aspect ratio of 16:9 (recommended). It is also recommended to have two screens
  3. Internet connectivity: You must have the ability to connect to the Internet outside your organization
  4. Downloads & Installs: Our content and software get updated every month. Download the software and materials 2-3 days prior to the event to ensure you are downloading the most recent updates. Links to download the content will be provided.
  5. Microsoft Power BI Desktop: You need to download and install Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Store or from the download center
  6. Sign up for Power BI: You need to sign up for Power BI. You can do that from using a business email address.

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