Connected Blueprint™ : 4-Week Manufacturing Assessment

MCA Connect

Connected Blueprint™ uncovers opportunities and provides a custom strategy that makes the most impact in the shortest amount of time, helping manufacturers modernize and improve business outcomes.

Connected Blueprint™, by MCA Connect, provides custom recommendations and an execution plan designed to fit your manufacturing needs. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Designed for manufacturers, it focuses on your most critical business area to build a strategy for improved outcomes in just four weeks.

Connected Blueprint™ Overview: Step 1: Assess -Our subject matter experts will identify strengths & opportunities during this discovery phase. Gemba Walk with our experts to identify process opportunities. We'll compile & analyze data to create a structured path and have targeted meetings to create tailored, innovative solutions.

Step 2: Prioritize -Using the assessment findings, we prioritize opportunities on a Kaizen PICK chart. Through a focused workshop, our Manufacturing Strategy experts will guide you along the way and tailor the workshop to your business needs.

Step 3: Act -After completing steps 1-2, we'll act on the insights gathered and prioritized to create your very own unique, tailored blueprint.

Connected Blueprint™ Deliverables:

  1. Findings and recommendations based on operational excellence analysis
  2. Prioritized opportunities on your tailored Kaizen PICK chart
  3. Financial value estimate model tied directly to your P&L and balance sheet
  4. Execution plan detailing immediate wins, costs, and timeline

The Connected Blueprint™ uncovers and prioritizes opportunities that will have the highest business impact in the shortest amount of time. From there, our manufacturing experts can support your prioritized opportunities using the Microsoft Cloud. Industry-centric business strategies paired with technologies such as Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management and Azure will be critical in your journey to Manufacturing 4.0 through the Connected Blueprint™.

As a 10x Microsoft Partner of the Year (including 2022 Global Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Finalist) and 20 years focused on manufacturing, MCA Connect can help you uncover possibilities and deliver improved outcomes.

The cost for this engagement is estimated and may change based on the final scope of work included.

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