Act! CRM Migration All Enti: 4-Day Implementation


Four-day implementation service to migrate data for all entities from Act! CRM to Dynamics 365/CRM.

This service offer is typically a 2-step, 4-day implementation process that involves a comprehensive analysis of your existing Act! CRM environment and processes for smooth migration of standard CRM entities.

During Act! CRM Migration of all entities, MTC’s experts will engage with you to perform the following:


Step 1: Analysis & Data Mapping

  • Analyze the existing Act! CRM Environment and Processes
  • Review and resolve the dependencies and challenges for Act! CRM Migration
  • Map the data from Act! CRM to Dynamics 365/CRM
  • Cleanse the data

Step 2: Test & Live Data Migration

  • Perform Data Migration in Sandbox environment
  • Perform Data Validation in Sandbox environment and pass on to User Testing
  • Perform UAT and Performance testing for successful data migration
  • Review and resolve issues identified in UAT and take sign-off
  • Perform Live Act! CRM Migration and take sign-off


  • Successful Act! CRM Migration
  • Migration Status Report
  • Post Migration Support As Applicable


  • Management Technology Consulting (MTC) is a US headquartered LLC, dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM professional services and outsourcing with heavy engineering expertise.
  • MTC is built on optimized delivery technology and globally preferred cost center operations to deliver high-quality superior-value rapidly to all markets around the globe 24 hours a day.
  • This migration is limited for up to 10K entity/table records. Anything beyond 10K records will attract separate charges and timelines.
  • Write to MTC at for any queries.

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