Dynamics 365 Reports: 1-Day Workshop


Learn how to rapidly build various dashboards and reports in Dynamics 365.

This is a 1 day workshop on Dynamics 365 Reports that gives you a detailed understanding on the different types of reports that could be built leveraging D365 reporting tools for your official use.


CRM Charts (30 mins) Learn how to build the basic charts using the native chart wizard. Reviewing the available chart options including chart types, leveraging multiple series and categories, and top/bottom rules. Build advanced charts by learning the technique of changing the underlying XML to include additional chart types and editing chart colors and labels.

Dashboards (45 mins) Building real-time dashboards using different charts, views, web resources, iframes, and Power BI tiles. Compile your business performance analytics using dashboards for better representation and understanding.

Document Templates (Word/Excel) (2 hours) Learn how to build various types of document templates (Word/Excel) quickly and put to business use. Learn which type of document template selection precedes over others and why. Learn best practices, limitations, and all available options.

Reports Using Report Wizard (1 hour) Learn how to build basic reports using Reports Wizard, leverage existing reports, include charts in reports, add filter criteria, add filter layout, and organize your reports using report categories. Also, learn the limitations of tools and alternatives like building reports outside CRM using SSRS and fetch XML.

Power BI (2 hours) Learn how Power BI works with Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service. Connect your Dynamics 365 instance to Power BI and leverage one of the existing content packs for Sales and Customer Service to build your own interactive reports and dashboards. Note that Power BI license is required for this module.


  • Management Technology Consulting (MTC) is a US headquartered LLC, dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM professional services and outsourcing with heavy engineering expertise.

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