Customer Insights: 6-Wk Implementation

Fractal Analytics Inc.

Get started by deploying Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, a game changing solution for unifying all your customer data sources for a true 360° view of your customers

Data unification made easy.

Driving to a single source of truth and a unified master record for customer data in the ever-evolving ecosystem of sales and marketing solution providers has become a significant challenge for businesses seeking to own their data and outcomes. To address this need, Microsoft has developed Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, a unique offering to leverage their proprietary machine learning models in matching data across disparate sources to consolidate dozens of data sources into a single model for analysis and reporting. Fractal Analytics is now providing consulting services to assist customers in implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Insights in their business.

Fractal Analytics' Implementation Services

The offering consists of an initial data discovery phase and integration of the top priority data sources for your business into the platform, many of which have built in connectors to streamline the process. For unique or less common sources, our consultants will leverage the tool to manually match and consolidate the data as needed within the timeline available. We can also offer training, support, and knowledge transfer for internal resources to manage the solution in production.

Leverage Your Customer Data for Powerful Business Solutions

Once the data is unified, our team of experts can surface this data within your Dynamics 365 instance or in a Power App, custom built for your needs. As experts in AI and Data Science, we can help you design and implement more advanced capabilities as well for a complete end to end business solution.


  • 2 Day Data Maturity Assessment and Prioritization Workshop
  • Initial connection and mapping of top data sources with built in connectors as time allows
  • Level of Effort estimation for custom connector/integration
  • Power BI/PowerApp reports built on the unified profile, including AI results such as Churn, LTV, NBA where supported

We also offer a FREE 1-Hr briefing service

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