Office 365 Security: 1-Day Assessment

Netrix Global

Security assessment focused on analyzing the implementation of the Office 365 security toolkit using Microsoft best practices, industry standards, and Netrix's security expertise.

As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Microsoft technologies, specifically the Office 365 platform, Netrix conducts a security review with the goal of reviewing the environmental configurations offline, with best-practice and field experience in mind.

During this engagement, the following activities are completed:

  • Assessment of current Office 365 environment and dependent resources such as Azure Active Directory
  • Review of existing licensing and alignment of tooling with currently owned items
  • Review & demonstration of Microsoft's security-focused features and solutions, and third-party vendors that integrate
  • Education on how to implement and administer multi-layer threat protection

At the end of this engagement, Netrix will provide a recommendations and findings document with both executive summary and actionable next steps.

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