Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: 1 Hour Briefing


Marketing Solutions envisioning, deployment and support services for Dynamics 365 Marketing

As organizations accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to adapt to the changing customer ecosystem, the need for an integrated business environment is paramount. Manual processes & long-standing siloes create major organizational impediments to realizing ROI and driving digital growth.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing enables your marketing operation to raise awareness of your organization and create new relationships to evolve and through collaboration, handed over to your sales team. For your existing customers, Dynamics 365 Marketing can be leveraged to stay connected with them on their preferred communication channel to essentially generate sales events now and into the future.

Dynamics 365 Marketing has prebuilt and easy to configure capabilities for customer segmentation, marketing campaigns (sometimes described as ‘a beginning of a customer journey’), targeted bulk emails, lead scoring, marketing collateral creation and management, event management, as well as marketing analytics. Microsoft always puts compliance as a top priority, and this includes ensuring Dynamics 365 Marketing has the tools needed to adhere to GDPR requirements. Because of a proliferation of Marketing tools in the industry, some common Client challenges we observe are:

  1. Rationalizing or managing Dynamics 365 Marketing along with third-party solutions like Marketo, ClickDimensions or Adobe Marketing Cloud
  2. Past use or preference to use other marketing tools such as Hubspot or Bronto not integrated to Dynamics 365 Marketing
  3. Cognizant MBG will collaborate with your organization to understand requirements, design goals and the types of customer experiences you want delivered. This may involve provisioning a proof-of-concept environment leveraging the learnings from current deployments or legacy marketing processes and how those can be enabled with Dynamics 365 Marketing. Cognizant will also layer in our best practices so you can develop more meaningful relationships that translate to increased revenue with real-time, actionable information. These insights will drive more relevant partner and end-customer engagements, all while maximizing productivity. A few of these benefits for example:
    • Nurture More Demand
    • Personalize Experiences
    • Build Relationships at Scale
    • Make Insight-Driven Decisions
    At Cognizant, we implement Dynamics 365 Marketing leveraging industry best practices and innovative design thinking to ensure your organization functions as efficiently as possible. Our comprehensive process includes:
    1. Immersive envisioning that includes virtual experience center consisting of industry experts working with your organization to define your needs and requirements, & environments to conduct proof of concept and fit-gapping to provide a preview of the end-state solution and to support planning. Business outcomes delivered as part of the envisioning phase: i. High-level architectural design. ii. Complete solution requirements, user stories, epics, and as-is processes to be enabled.
    2. Solution Architecture Definition based on Requirements and a solution design and architecture. Business outcomes delivered as part of the architecture definition phase: i. Detailed solution architecture is completed. ii. To-be business processes are defined. iii. Deployment storyboard is developed
    3. Agile deployment practices that include all tasks necessary to plan, develop and test each capability identified during project Envisioning & Architecture Definition. Business outcomes delivered as part of the development phase: i. Code and capabilities necessary to meet user story requirements including integrations, migrated data & features. ii. Demonstration of each feature and final solutions developed during the agile cycle.
    4. The Release Phase represents transition from the Agile Lifecycle to the end-user experience. Business outcomes delivered as part of the Release phase: i. Training materials and key stakeholder training. ii. Documented Use Cases for solution testing. iii. Migrated UAT and final production data. iv. Fully tested and approved solution.
    5. The Support phase is designed to assist the client transition to using the new solution post go-live. Business outcomes delivered as part of the Release phase: i. Additional development, oversight and training as required
    The price and timescale is for the initial consultation - implementation price and duration will be determined based on client specific requirements surfaced during/after the initial consultation.

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