Dynamics 365 - Finance and Operations 2 days Workshop

Nexer Group AB

2 Days Migration Workshop from Dynamics AX to Dynamics Finance and Operations

Nexer Enterprise Application, leveraging our Solution First methodology, offers to Microsoft Dynamics AX business decision makers, the opportunity to explore the prospect of upgrading to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations cloud ERP through our tailored workshop. As a pivotal technological decision, transitioning from your on-premises Dynamics AX solution is one you want to be prepared for.

Our approach in this offering is to prepare you, the business decision makers, with the information to begin this journey. Shaped by Nexer Enterprise Application's extensive experience and the innovative Solution First methodology, you will collaborate with our experts in order to guide you through a well-defined discussion for migration readiness.

Embarking on this cloud journey, the Pre-Study aims to achieve the following objectives:

Understand the Benefits: Gain insights into the advantages of migrating to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud for your business. Align with Business Objectives: Review business objectives and align them with the platform benefits offered by Dynamics 365. Structured Upgrade Process: Discuss a typical upgrade process emphasizing the adoption of standards, reducing effort, and minimizing costs. Plan for Migration: Discuss creating a roadmap for either a detailed migration analysis or next steps for starting the execution of your migration project. Assessment Components: We discuss the process to evaluate both technical and functional components that need to be considered as part of a Migration project and recommendations and options for preparing to do so.

As part of the 1–2-day workshop conducted Nexer Enterprise Application we will provide recommendations in these areas, help address any questions you might have about migration, as well as provide follow-up next steps to continue in the migration journey.

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