Custom Power BI Dashboard: 1-Day Workshop

Nihilent Technologies, Inc

A hands-on training workshop on Power BI for your team at your location, with your data.

This custom Power BI workshop provides a hands-on environment for business and technology decision makers to experience working with Power BI (Desktop and Online Service) with your own data! We work with you to create a meaningful dashboard measuring your KPIs using a sample set of your data.

This is a full day dashboarding workshop for 5-10 attendees at your location.


  • Power BI overview and demonstration
  • Self-paced workbook to complete dashboard in Power BI

You will get access to BI and Advanced Analytics technical experts for help with workshop as well as additional Q&A.


This workshop is designed to:

  • Make BI "real" for your organization
  • Discover, combine, and shape data from multiple data sources
  • Model and analyze utilizing power of in-memory technology
  • See your data in new ways with bold interactive visualizations with Power BI
  • Enhance understanding of available Cloud and on-premises technologies available with Power BI
  • See the latest self-service BI capabilities of Power BI in action
  • Encourage discussion around how these technologies help address business problems
  • Identify the right set of BI tools to help your company innovate and grow


  • Work with your SMEs to define business use case for dashboard development
  • Collect sample data set from you to create defined dashboard showing specific KPIs
  • Develop custom workbook to be used during workshop with step-by-step instructions for creating the dashboard in Power BI

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