Threat Protection Workshop: 5-Days w/ Results

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The Microsoft 365 Threat Protection Workshop helps customers assess their security & address their most pressing security goals providing an immersive experience using Microsoft 365 security

As part of the workshop, customers will: • Receive a documented security strategy for their teams and stakeholders. • Better understand, prioritize, and mitigate potential threats. • Work together with the delivery resource to define a list of next steps based on their needs, objectives, and results from the Threat Protection Workshop. • Learn how they can accelerate their security journey, through the use of the Microsoft 365 security suite, such as Defender, AzureSentinel, Multi-Factor Authentication, Microsoft Information Protection, etc. Workshop will include Day 1 - Introduction and review of present customer environment Day 2 - Mapping of Environment to customer perceived and actual needs Day 3 - Microsoft products which cover those needs Day 4 - Implementation strategies, communication, training requirements Day 5 - Review of the workshop learnings, customer priorities, and next steps

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