Copilot for Microsoft 365 adoption: 2-Wk Workshop

Onex Group

The aim of the workshop is to efficiently implement Copilot for Microsoft 365 in the organization covering practical use cases, selection and training of ambassadors and key benefits.

The workshop is designed to help the organization adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365, a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to assist users with various tasks in Microsoft 365 applications. The workshop consists of four parts:

Part 1: Introduction to Copilot

  • Overview of Copilot’s features and benefits
  • Discussion of the current applications that Copilot supports
  • Identification of expectations
  • Security considerations

Part 2: Implementation of Copilot

  • Step-by-step guide to install and configure Copilot
  • Security and access configuration
  • Selection of a group of people (ambassadors) who will have early access to Copilot’s functionalities

Part 3: Training for Ambassadors

  • Demonstration of how to use Copilot in various scenarios
  • Hands-on practice and exercises for participants
  • Feedback and evaluation

Part 4: Delivery of materials

  • Preparation of training materials for the organization
  • Recording webinar adjusted to organization
  • Follow-up and support

Scope of workshop will be adjusted to company profile and preferences.

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