Proofconcept of Window 365 Pilot


Experience Proof concept of Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC hybrid computing, powerful cloud, device synergy, full Windows experience, streamlined integration.

1- 8 Weeks Microsoft 365 Pilot Program with Proofconcept of Windows 365 brings the new Cloud PC hybrid personal computing category to life, using the power of the cloud and the capabilities of the device to provide a full, personalized Windows experience. With Windows 365, you can leverage your existing infrastructure. Windows 365 delivers native integration across Azure AD, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 applications, and Microsoft Intune.

Phase - 1 Plan -Pre-engagement call​ -Customer Questionnaire​ -Windows 365 Overview and Pilot Design​ -Windows 365 Deployment Overview and Planning​

Phase - 2 Enable -Build Design Decisions & Remediations Checklist​ -Execute Remediations​ -Execute Pilot Deployment​ -User Training and Adoption

Phase - 3 Grow -Operations Overview​ -Windows Autopatch Overview​ -Findings and Next Steps

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