Rapid deployment of BC: 5-Day Implementation


Easily move to Business Central: 1WK

Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from in just 1 week - 5 days. We designed KickStart as a quick and easy way for businesses to switch to the essential package of Business Central. No months of planning, downtime, setup and training. Just a rapid implementation and you're up and running!. Super speedy implementation. Less cost, less business disruption and thus less lost earnings. Agenda • You’ll be up and running in a week, so you can take advantage of better processes and productivity and start saving money right away. • You’ll have a fully future-proofed ERP system that can grow and expand with your business. • No expensive features you don’t need. Just the core setup you want and then you can add on new features and packs whenever you and your business are ready. Deliverables • One system to manage and run your ENTIRE business. No more trying to get different systems to play nicely together.

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