Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Workshop: 3-Week Workshop

Real Impact Technology Consulting

Experience the difference Microsoft 365 can make for people across your organization as you become a powerhouse of efficiency and productivity.

Teamwork and collaboration are fundamental to building resilience in people and teams across any organization. Our Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce Workshop will teach you how to empower people to be productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft 365.

This workshop will provide visibility into business value/cost savings and help define clear action items to getting started. We'll demonstrate how you can use Microsoft technologies to connect teams while securing your business with technology you can trust. You'll learn how to enable secure work from anywhere with Microsoft 365 for your users, devices, apps, and data. We'll help you define a plan including risks and mitigations for a successful deployment and user adoption. Let us help augment your workload and fast-track you to the promised land!

This workshop consists of a 3-week agenda:

WEEK 1: Prepare for delivery: The engagement will start with a remote preparation meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss upcoming activities, decide on optional modules to be included, and establish a list of internal resources needed by our team in order to complete the exercise. You will be provided with a questionnaire that helps us prepare workshop materials and better understand your environment. The remainder of the first week is intended to be used by you, the customer, to coordinate logistics, allocate resources, and prepare for the workshop.

WEEK 2: Workshop sessions: The second week consists of two days' worth of sessions, including Art of the Possible, Hybrid Work, Secure Journey to the Cloud with Microsoft 365, Transition to Cloud Cost Savings/Business Value, Immersive Experiences, Azure AD Business Value, Start your Journey with Zero Trust, Build the Plan, Environmental Analysis, Hybrid Identity Planning, Activation/Enablement, Teams Workload Analysis, Adoption/Usage Scenarios, and Risks/Mitigations. The remainder of the second week is intended for us to prepare a custom report containing our recommendations.

WEEK 3: Recommendation delivery: During the final week, we'll conduct a remote meeting to discuss our report/recommendations with you and your team.

Real Impact is a Microsoft Gold Partner dedicated to helping organizations maximize their impact through technology. This workshop is offered FREE if certain criteria are met. Please contact us to see if your organization qualifies.

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