Microsoft Viva - 1 Day Workshop

Real Impact Technology Consulting

Employee engagement, retention and skilling are critical today. Discover how Microsoft Viva can help you deliver personalized experiences through connections, learning, and knowledge management.

We are in a time of unparalleled changed. The competition for talent is intense and the need to put Employee experience and engagement at the center of your strategy is rising. Retention, engagement, and skilling are more critical than ever, Viva can help.

Discover how Microsoft Viva helps organizations deliver personalized experiences to their employees with news, tasks, and conversations; provide data-driven insights and recommendations; organize content and expertise; and deliver formal and informal learning when and where it's needed.

The workshop will cover four pillars: • Culture and communications: Microsoft Viva Connection • Productivity and wellbeing: Microsoft Viva Insights • Knowledge and expertise: Microsoft Viva Topics • Skilling and growth: Microsoft Viva Learnings

Workshop Overview: In the workshop we will address the following topics: Company-wide Communication and Employee Engagement scenarios enabled by Microsoft Viva Connections; Knowledge scenarios enabled by Microsoft Viva Topics; Productivity and wellbeing enabled by Microsoft Viva Insights; Learning delivered by Microsoft Viva Learnings; Content services scenarios

The Envisioning Workshop will include: • Envisioning business scenarios that take advantage of Viva Connections • Envisioning Knowledge and Content services scenarios • Demos of Microsoft Viva Topics • Discover prioritization of scenarios aligned to customer business needs

Real Impact is a Microsoft Gold Partner dedicated to helping organizations to maximize their impact through technology. This workshop is offered for FREE if certain are met, contact us to find out if your organization qualifies.

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