Enable Trusted and Controlled ESG Data - 3 Week Assessment


Understand your companies ESG performance data and reporting to fully maximize the capabilities of Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

Protiviti offers a set of different methods to assess the Sustainability & ESG performance of our clients, to determine whether requirements or objectives are being met and, if not, what steps should be taken to meet them.

Activities to be Completed:

  • Understand ESG reporting objectives and account principles to ensure ESG factors are implemented and risks are assessed
  • Review the materiality assessment to understand material topics that would require controls
  • Draft assessment methodology to assign proper control types to ESG metrics


  • Inventory of ESG-applicable Control Types
  • Recommendations for alignment of ESG Controls into your existing controls regime
  • Assessment methodology for aligning ESG metrics to appropriate control types

Note: Microsoft Sustainability Manager licensing fees not included

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