ScaleFast ERP Deployment for Manufacturing

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The key to your successful ERP deployment is the right starting point. Discover how using our rapid deployment model to create a comprehensive working system can reduce both time and budget risks.

Our Understanding of Your Needs

We understand the concerns and struggles that your growing manufacturing business is experiencing (what keeps you up at night), and we are here to help you overcome challenges such as:

  • Struggles with data driven decision making - Implementing a robust solution now will help you enforce strong data practices, and this ‘data investment’ will reap benefits in decision making and scalability – both in the short and long term.
  • Outdated business processes - Deploying a world-class solution using our accelerated manufacturing ERP deployment, which is based on proven tools and techniques, will accelerate your business process transformation to meet industry best practices.
  • Security & risk of data breaches - Transitioning to a secure cloud-based solution such as Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain helps ensure that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

Your Path to Success

Discover your path to success with our methodology designed to deliver a series of “immediate wins” utilizing bundled product and solution sets that address common industry needs, helping you create a cadence for continual improvement.

With our accelerated implementation approach for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management, you get a predictable outcome delivered by industry advisors using proven tools and techniques. Included with this approach, we provide the following:

  • A curated, industry-specific business process library that integrates into Dynamics 365 using standard Microsoft tools (Lifecycle Services and the Business Process Modeler tool), which allows users to leverage built in Task Guides to execute business processes. The BPM tool and library also integrates to Azure DevOps, which supports Test Suite/Test Case definitions that integrate to Dynamics 365.
  • An industry-standard Chart of Accounts (COA) along with a pre-configured system, including pre-configured posting profiles – which facilitates accelerated workshops and transaction processing as part of the implementation. Together with the business process library, it allows us to quickly show standard, common processes (e.g. paying a vendor) so we can begin to focus on processes that might be more unique to your business.
  • Deployment of Microsoft Azure DevOps, used for code source-control of the environments as well as for project management execution (requirements tracking, task tracking, etc.). This is deployed completely by our team with pre-defined queries and dashboards.
  • A pre-configured project SharePoint site, used for document management and collaboration on the project.

Experience the ‘Power of Being Understood’, through our relentless pursuit of advanced specializations, industry expertise, unwavering commitment to Microsoft's programs, and seamless alignment with their innovative solutions.

*Pricing and duration will vary based on implementation scope.

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