SharePoint Business Intranet: 10-Week Impl.

ScienceSoft USA Corp.

We implement robust SharePoint based business intranets to align your business processes, improve employee collaboration and productivity:

The functionality of your business-centric cloud intranet may include:

  • Appealing design and extremely convenient navigation.
  • Employee information management – employee profiles, organization chart, employee search.
  • Employee collaboration and communication – integration with collaboration software like Teams and social media.
  • Department sites – to manage departments’ documents, knowledge, workflows.
  • Document management – templates, real-time collaboration on documents, approval workflow, versioning, audit trail.
  • Learning management – creating and storing learning materials, scheduling and tracking learning activities, trainees’ assessment.
  • Knowledge and innovation management – automated acquisition, structured storing, active sharing, and pervasive search of corporate knowledge (wikis, blogs, forums, FAQ, etc.).
  • Ticketing – handling employee requests on vacation, equipment maintenance, etc.
  • Project and task management – Gantt chart, tracking tasks and subtasks, project files, assigning resources to projects and tasks.
  • Business process automation – budgeting, invoicing, procurement, HR, contract approval, case management, workforce management and many more.
  • Integrations – with ERP, CRM, HCM, BI and other corporate systems.
  • Your benefits:

  • High user adoption due to appealing design and excellent UX.
  • Accurate estimation of project costs due to our 13-year experience in SharePoint implementation.
  • Minimized development risks due to iterative development.
  • Maximum ROI with minimized costs due to feature prioritization and optimal value/cost ratio gained by using OOTB functionality where possible.
  • Next steps:

  • Free consultation – consult us on features, costs, implementation process, user adoption, integrations.
  • PoC (Proof of Concept) – check how non-trivial features, workflows or integrations will work in your environment.
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