Microsoft 365: Strategic Roadmap development for Modern Workplace

Seer Strategic Solutions

Unlock Your Business’s Digital Transformation Potential

Are you on a journey toward digital transformation within your organization? As you transition to the Microsoft Cloud, you’ll encounter exciting opportunities and challenges. Uplifting data, empowering your workforce, and optimizing processes become paramount. However, many businesses struggle to fully leverage new technology, often missing out on its complete value and cost-benefit advantages.

Introducing Microsoft 365: Strategic Roadmap and Development for Modern Workplace by Seer: Our transformative two-week program is designed precisely for you. We guide you through the maze of digital transformation, offering expert-led workshops, comprehensive assessments, and a bespoke strategic roadmap. Here’s what awaits you:

Workforce Analysis: Identify the necessary devices and Microsoft 365 licenses for each user persona.

Digital Workplace Analysis: Evaluate what’s working and what needs improvement in your existing environment.

Environment Assessment: Understand your technical current state, project management capabilities, and change management readiness.

Workload Education: Explore the functionality of Microsoft 365 workloads tailored to your setup.

Solution Envisioning: Collaborate to collect requirements, ideate solutions, and determine the best fit.

Solution Strategy: Receive itemized steps and a proper sequencing plan for your custom-tailored Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

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