Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Jumpstart

Sentinel Technologies Inc.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps address security gaps in an organization's environment.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a security solution that helps organizations address security gaps in their use of cloud services by providing control over user activities and sensitive data. The solution is part of the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) coverage scope, which applies to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. CASBs work with popular content collaboration platforms, CRM systems, HR systems, and enterprise social networking sites for SaaS coverage. For IaaS and PaaS coverage, CASBs extend visibility and governance to applications running in these clouds by governing the API-based usage of popular cloud service providers. Sentinel offers a demonstration of Microsoft CASB and provides an overview of how to administer and maintain CASB within an organization. Discover and Design: Eight (8) Hour POC Definition Workshop • Sentinel to configure Microsoft CASB • Sentinel to provide Proof of Concept up to (5) Applications, (5) conditional access, (5) FW policies and create up to (10) additional application policies Deploy / Implement: DOES NOT include Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Licensing DOES NOT include remediation of any existing configuration issues or compatibility requirements • Define business outcomes, analyze current environment, and design customer blueprint for Microsoft CASB deployment • Analyze current Active Directory and Application, Cloud Discovery • Review Microsoft licensing requirements • Review security requirements

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