Dell Implementation Services for Microsoft Power BI

Dell Technologies Services

This service is designed to accelerate your success in leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI is increasingly being used to transform your disconnected sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Using these insights are key to improved decision making and creating winning strategies. Barriers to effectively leveraging Power BI include steep learning curve and lack of technical knowledge on how to fully use its features and functionality to convert data into insights. Help from external experts will reduce complexities, empowering your business with intelligent insights for data-driven decision-making that will drive you into the future.

Our team of experts will help you deliver the outcomes your business needs:

• Identify opportunities and drive execution for report optimization, consolidation and interactive visual enhancement.

• Migrate legacy reports and analytics into Power BI and create complex data models across multiple source systems.

• Seamlessly integrate into the Microsoft ecosystem for simplified data sharing and collaboration.

• Seamlessly support embedded and mobile analytics capabilities to empower users to access insight on the go.

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