Low Code Capacitation Program: 6WK Implementation

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Deploy a Low Code strategy in your organization through a comprehensive program integrating development best practices for low code, training, internal governance procedures and supporting tools (CoE)

Deploying a Low Code strategy in the organization requires an multidisciplinary approach, from develop technical abilities, deploying tools, setting up governance models and program management.

Some common pitfalls in Low Code adoption include redundant data sources across the organizations, user frustration due to the lack of deployment strategy of the apps and multiple versioning, and lack of internal creators, among other issues.

These issues can undermine your intention for wider adoption of low code strategy in the organization.

Over the years and in coordination with Microsoft, SHIFT has developed a multidisciplinary approach on how to deploy a low code strategy in your organization. This framework addresses basic concerns such as training according to different maturity levels in the organization, but also defining an application life cycle model for low code to determine the process to create and deploy apps, defining governance mechanisms such as who can create a data source in the organization, prioritizing of ideas and resources to defining components libraries while proving change management, program management, and online support.


  1. Run an initial training to understand the potential of Power Apps.
  2. Run one or more design sessions to qualify the business opportunity.
  3. Run internal skills and maturity assessment.
  4. Training and framework implementation.

The deliverables for this implementation are as follow:

a) Corporate assessment with a list of app priorities and business case (the case for low code) b) PowerApps training according to maturity and goals c) Governance app life cycle model and security model d) Low code development framework including components library and naming conventions e) Center of Excellence framework installed and configured for the proposed models

Pricing based on number of users: 25K USD minimum with 15 users to be trained and involved in the governance model. Additional users at +850 USD each.

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