Copilot Wheels Down: 8 Weeks Center of Excellence Enablement

Slalom Consulting

Our Wheels Down engagement is focused on helping you build your GenAI & Microsoft 365 Copilot knowledge to help support establishing a Microsoft 365 Copilot Center of Excellence.

The Microsoft 365 Center of Excellence will be focused on preparing you to sustain Microsoft 365 Copilot within your organization including championing sharing best practices across the business and providing a blueprint for how to extend Copilot with Plugins to access LOB applications and data sources outside of Microsoft 365.

This Implementation includes:
* Establishing initial Microsoft 365 Copilot Governance & Operating Model​
* Development of initial Microsoft 365 Copilot plug-ins to help prove out extensibility​
* Creation of intake process & engagement model to help support aligning business needs to AI capabilities​
* Enabling of Microsoft 365 Copilot Champions network to help scale adoption & use cases across the organization


Build Expertise
* Define the roles and responsibilities as it relates to maintaining sustainable Governance and the Operating Models
* Identify the pain points, challenges, and objectives that the Microsoft 365 CoPilot Center of Excellence aims to address
* Assemble and upskill the team with a comprehensive training program

* Establish and document robust policies and processes that align with your regulatory standards
* Establish Steering committee meeting cadence and responsibilities
* Document escalation processes and decisions trees to streamline user interactions
* Build community involvement with knowledge sharing and office hours activities

Operating Model
* Review monitoring and optimization processes
* Develop standards to track performance and identify areas for improvements
* Implement an evaluation process to ensure strategy alignment with the organization's evolving needs and the technology advancements

Change & Tech
* Development of learning cadence plans
* Build self-service knowledge sharing community to broaden user support
* Build communication plans and messaging to foster the learning mindset

* Pricing of Wheels Down Center of Excellence Enablement engagement based on scope of the engagement

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