Identity and Access Management Quick Start


Prioritizing security services to combat identity breaches by prioritizing security services, and protecting against mismanaged privileges, and access-related data breaches.

Softchoice's Identity and Access Management (IAM) Quick Start solution provides customers with a secure identity baseline, that will help protect against identity breaches and enforce access restrictions. Many customers are struggling with misconfigured policies and legacy identity management tools, which can lead to catastrophic identity compromise. Softchoice's IAM Quick Start solution utilizes tools like Conditional Access, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Password-less Identity to identify gaps in the environment and enable identity policies that protect against access. Our solution is built on the concepts of Least Privileged Access and prepares customers for a journey into the Zero Trust security methodology. With Softchoice’s IAM Quick Start solution, our team works closely with customers to build awareness of Microsoft 365 capabilities, create a customer-first design, then plan and deploy these capabilities. • Discovery: Softchoice offers a Discovery and Scoping questionnaire to understand customer security objectives and workshops to educate customers on security and productivity capabilities in Microsoft 365, including Multi-factor Authentication, Password-less technologies, Conditional Access, and Identity Protection. • Design: We create an Identity Design Document that prioritizes and aligns security capabilities with our customer's business objectives. This document serves as a roadmap for implementing security measures that protect against identity breaches, mismanaged privileges, and access-related data breaches. • Implementation: We work closely with our customers to ensure that these security measures are properly implemented and configured to provide maximum protection against identity breaches and other data breaches related to mismanaged privileges and access.

Contact us today to learn more about how Softchoice's Identity and Access Management Quick Start solution can help safeguard your identities in the cloud and hybrid world. Don't wait for a catastrophic identity breach - take the first step towards a secure identity baseline by contacting us now.

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