Enterprise Mobility + Security Quickstart for Nonprofit


Secure, compliant, and adaptable productivity for mission-driven work

Nonprofits require reliable, anywhere-access to data across diverse devices. With the Enterprise Mobility + Security Quickstart, we ensure your operations stay secure and aligned with your mission, regardless of location or device. Customised using both Microsoft's standards with Microsoft 365 and our insight into nonprofit needs, this solution offers both governance and flexibility.

Keep control over your corporate data, applications, and devices.

Enrich your environment with the Microsoft EM+S components Azure Entra and Microsoft Intune

Keep control of business data on Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) without having to manage the device yourself.

Automate the process of deploying Windows devices within your organisation.

Pre-defined security policies for mobile devices, data and applications based on Microsoft and SoftwareOne best practices applied to your organisation’s requirements.

About Quickstart for Nonprofit

Tailored services to get started with new technologies, aligned to industry best practice.

By aligning tech with mission-driven goals, we ensure organisations navigate the digital space with clarity, optimising outcomes and furthering their impactful reach in the communities they serve.

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