Teams Rooms: 4 weeks of Implementation

Soluciones Tecnológicas Overcast S.A.P.I. de CV

A new way to communicate and collaborate with your team through the Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is an integrated collaboration and communication platform that includes different functions such as chat, video meetings and file storage. Microsoft Teams Rooms offers intelligent access to quality communications, integrating to different devices offering high quality image and audio, enterprise security and comprehensive management. Applicable to any area or industry, all employees will be able to have a good management of Microsoft Teams Rooms due to its great accessibility. Some of the advantages it provides to your organization are:

*Encourage inclusive and collaborative meetings so that everyone has a place at the same virtual table, no matter where they join from. *Keep devices secure, reliable and up to date with comprehensive management capabilities. *Easy to use with a wide selection of devices that flexibly adapt to every need and space. *Allows people to schedule, join and participate in meetings easily and quickly.

At Overcast we implement Microsoft Teams Rooms offering an adoption strategy according to your needs, training and knowledge transfer, installation and configuration of equipment and a solution architecture proposal.

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