Keep Secure 5 weeks implementation

Soluciones Tecnológicas Overcast S.A.P.I. de CV

With this product we are achivent our customers to use all security features that have with their licenses; we bring them BI dashboards that help IT and security admins

With Keep Secure, Overcast integrates security solutions based on solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, in conjunction with other security firms such as CheckPoint, Imperva, Infobloks, Symantec, S21sec, Fortinet, Mimecast.

Adding security methodologies based on ITIL, CISSP, CIMS, COBIT delivering Cyber ​​Security services such as: ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis, risk analysis, PCI compliance, LFPDPPP, cyber forensics, BCP, BIA, DRP, Identity. Profits:

End to End security solutions
Integration of Microsoft solutions with the main security firms.
Previous security analysis, to guarantee the integrity and availability of the information without compromising the information of your company.
Expert engineering team to guarantee the solutions.

With Keep Secure you can take full advantage of the features provided in your Office 365 licensing, in terms of security features giving you the possibility of integrating Centinel to have greater control possible security events, and reduce the attack surface.

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