Microsoft Purview Information Protection Deployment: 4 Weeks Implementation

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Secure data wherever it is and support the protection of sensitive data in clouds, apps, and devices.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection

Is a solution that allows you to classify, tag and protect your sensitive data automatically or manually. With this tool, you can define security and compliance policies for your data, as well as monitor and audit its use. In addition, you can discover and catalog your data sources, both in the cloud and on-premises, and gain a comprehensive view of your data environment. Microsoft Purview Information Protection helps you manage your data with confidence, efficiency and transparency.

Some of the benefits and uses you can have with Microsoft Purview Information Protection are:

  • Automatic classification and tagging of your data, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing you to define and apply security and compliance policies for your data.
  • Access control and encryption of your data, which allows you to ensure that only authorized persons can access it, and that current data protection rules and regulations are respected.
  • The complete and unified view of your data inventory, allowing you to understand the source, flow, context and risk of your sensitive data, and to improve the governance and quality of your data.
  • Foster innovation and collaboration with your data by facilitating the discovery, analysis and sharing of your data with other users and applications, both inside and outside your organization.

The Overcast team can help you and your teams integrate these solutions and many more, including:

  • Default policy creation and configuration of data loss prevention (DLP) rules.
  • Creation of confidential information types.
  • Review of alerts and configuration of data-in-transit rules.
  • Discover and catalog the data you have in different sources, such as Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server and others.
  • Automatically identify and label data according to its level of confidentiality, such as personal, financial or health information.

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