Performance Audit & Benchmarking: 6-Wk

Sonata Software Ltd.

Purpose built Tool and Experts identify and benchmark performance issues in the Dynamics 365 implementation and recommend remediation

Is your Dynamics 365 implementation slow? Help is here!

A 6-week Technical and Functional Performance Analysis and Remediation weeds out the causes of slow or sub-standard performance and identifies areas to scale or improve.


Week 1-2

Two weeks of preparation and discovery via workshops, where we run tools and scripts to asses issues such as slow response times, application freeze, low throughput, or any other impact to business operations.

Week 3-5

Sonata’s Performance Engineers execute multiple iterations of Analyze - Test - Validate to prepare a detailed Audit Report that identifies bottlenecks, areas of improvement, and recommendations to get more out of your investments and improve business processes.

Week 6

An audit walkthrough with detailed discussions on remediation options, and key recommendations to scale and improve on identified pain areas.


We customize our engagement to meet your needs, however, a sample list of deliverables could be:

  • Improved application design - the largest contributor for performance issues
  • Fixing of business process related issues e.g. Sales Order Invoicing process reduced from 8 hours to 20 minutes
  • Benchmark scale and load of large enterprises
  • Elimination of performance degradation during peak hours
  • Infrastructure tuning to leverage maximum throughput

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