Mobile Apps Using PowerApps: 1-Wk Workshop

Sonata Software Ltd.

In this hands-on workshop use PowerApps to develop Mobile Apps that will address your business needs.

This one-week workshop begins with a discovery session to identify potential use cases that match business needs. During the workshop we will determine the appropriate mobile use cases for PowerApps, develop a mobility road map, and define the approach.


Day 1

  • Focus on understanding the mobility need and current enterprise architecture

Day 2

  • Focus on the business process to be automated and the high level use cases

Day 3

  • Strategy to develop the mobile application and focus on suitable PowerApps

Day 4

  • Finalizing the use cases and mobile app development roadmap

Day 5

  • Sign off from the key stake holders


  • Mobility roadmap
  • High-level technical architecture diagram for the mobile app
  • Mobile app use cases fit for PowerApp

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