Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Management

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Support Organizations to define their Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Mangement Journey


Organizational change management is critical to the successful implementation of any system, process, or change to a business. Changes in businesses often fail because of a lack of communication. Either it hasn’t been accurately communicated to the users, the users refuse to adapt to the changes, or they don’t understand why change is needed. This is why change management is crucial: it opens the door for communication and methodical acclimation to change.

This is where Spot Solutions comes in. Our team has experience and expertise in change management and is certified in different change methodologies. With a communication plan, we’ll help you identify:

• What information to communicate • When to communicate • Who to communicate with

We provide support in the form of “Ask Me Anything” sessions and pre-change training. Throughout the process of training, we will provide further support to guide you through the process. Real, effective change starts with building a dialogue about why things need to change, how they will change, and what the real impact will be for the people who complete the work day to day.

While there are many change methodologies, and our business analysts and project managers are certified in various ones, the one Spot Solutions has been experiencing the most success with is the ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) approach.

Activities and Deliverables


• Initiation meeting to understand concerns, needs and expectations • Identify key stakeholders and assemble a dedicated team responsible for managing the change process • Kick-off meeting to start the assessment • Deliverables: change management team, kick-off meeting (10 hrs.)

Current State Analysis

• Understand the current state, identify applications in use for Microsoft 365
• Understand the current licenses in use and identify oportunities for maximizing the investment • Understand the roll-out plan for Microsoft 365 solutions and applications • Identify issues, pain points and opportunity areas • Deliverables: Current state assessment report (15 hrs.)

ADKAR Strategy Proposal for Microsoft 365

• Meet with the change management team to present ADKAR strategies which could include: o Champions Network o Training Plans in different modalities such as group training, one-on-one, self-serve, or by department. o Ask me anything sessions o Support or Help Desk for users to get assistance • Provide an ADKAR implementation plan that includes tactics to introduce change in the organization • Deliverables: ADKAR Strategic Plan (15 hrs.)

Recommendations and implementation budget and timeline

• Recommendations and next steps to initiate the Microsoft 365 Adoption Journey • Timeline and budget required to implement the ADKAR strategy for Microsoft 365 • Deliverables: Implementation Plan (10hrs)


Organizations will be ready to start their Microsoft 365 Adoption Journey.

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