Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management (IRM): 2-Week Implementation

Spyglass MTG, LLC

Our engagement is designed to accelerate the ability to integrate and consume IRM across your enterprise while better securing data and identities in the environment.

Spyglass’s Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management (IRM) Implementation is a 2-week/$25k scoped engagement that is designed to accelerate your ability to integrate and consume IRM across your enterprise while better securing data and identities in your environment. With IRM being part of the Microsoft 365 E5 license, the IRM Implementation can help you get started or extend the capabilities of your existing Microsoft 365 licensing.

This offer closes the gap of securely monitoring, reporting, and responding to potential threats from entities that are within the organizational walls while maintaining the security and privacy for those entities. While focusing on threats from inside the company, IRM relies on other Purview solutions to help address identity and data protection components that need to be accounted for to help prevent the access and exfiltration of any data that should not be performed. The implementation of IRM focuses on: • Assessing the existing controls to handle identities & data governance - This may include, but is not limited to, the following capabilities: o Data Loss Prevention (DLP) o Sensitivity Labels o Retention Policies/Labels o Sharing o Auditing o Role based Access Controls (RBAC) o Permissions Management o Identity Protection • Development of 3 defined use cases that should be reported on for IRM. • Implementation of the IRM policies based on the agreed upon use cases. (Does not include 3rd party integration) The engagement can be augmented to include any of the additional elements listed below: • Planning overall strategy and/or design of data & identity governance. • Data Governance implementation • Identity Governance implementation • Sharing governance implementation Agenda:
Scoping will determine which of the following components will be included: • Discovery • Planning • Design • Implementation • Documentation

Deliverables: Purview IRM Configuration Documentation

Price is scoped based on needs of the customer ranging from 1 to 6+ weeks of work.

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