Enforced Data Security Implementation - 12 weeks

BDO Digital, LLC

Secure and control access to your company's data, no matter where it lives

Cyberattacks, data breaches, data loss, and other security incidents can result in financial losses, reputation damage, and legal liabilities. 

It is imperative for businesses to implement robust data protection measures to safeguard their data from unauthorized access, theft, loss, and misuse. 

BDO engages business, compliance, and security teams to build a broad view of the use of data, technical systems, and drive alignment with stakeholders, including compliance, legal, IT security, finance and operations using Microsoft 365 tools. 

Together with Microsoft 365 data discovery tools, we build a comprehensive plan to discover and protect data where it lives, and to drive healthy ways of maintaining its integrity and monitoring its access against both the HIPAA regulations and the widely recognized HITRUST industry standards.

Step 1. Advise

  • Collect business context and organizational policies to assess data security needs.
  • Use Microsoft Purview to identify data where it lives and assess it for sensitivity.

Step 2. Deploy

  • Build a data management plan, together with AI-enhanced classifiers to apply the correct controls to sensitive data.
  • Protect data in place and manage access on cloud systems, on endpoints, and at time of access.

Step 3. Manage

  • Reduce cost and complexity for the business through managed services which lower the burden of long term data protection program operations.


  • Data Inventory
  • Data Controls Matrix
  • Technical Roadmap
  • As-Configured Report for Deployed Technologies


  • Effective Control: Protection strategy for IT assets to control data and systems risk
  • Security Integration: Optimizations identified in Microsoft 365 and Azure environments and potential security vulnerabilities
  • Optimized: Conversion of under-used resources and unused user licenses.  Typical savings of 25-45% in software and ops.

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