Power Automate: 4-Day Implementation

Symprio Inc

Power Automate Implementation, Assessment, Support, Proof of concept, Workshop, Consulting and Training

Get your MS Power Automate challenges solved in hours. Simplified service subscription model for automation implementation & support.

  • Assessment: an evaluation of a customer’s environment to determine the applicability of a solution and to estimate the cost and timeline of its implementation.
  • Implementation: a complete installation that results in a fully working solution.
  • Proof of concept: a limited-scope implementation to determine whether a solution meets the customer’s requirements.
  • Workshop: an interactive engagement conducted on the customer’s premises. It can involve training, briefings, assessments, or demos built on the customer’s data or environment.


Estimate is based on 30 hours where we believe most of the automation consulting can be started with. You can certainly buy more hours at USD 30 per hour.

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