Synergy Advisor Security Engagement (Pilot+) for Microsoft Copilot for Security

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Synergy Advisors presents a groundbreaking solution designed to enhance your organization's security infrastructure: the Synergy Advisor Security Engagement (Pilot+) for Microsoft Copilot for Security. This program is intricately designed to equip your team with the expertise necessary to maximize the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot for Security. Our consulting services are dedicated to ensuring that you leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365, whether you're just getting started or looking to expand your usage.

Synergy Advisor Security Engagement (Pilot+) for Microsoft Copilot for Security Overview

Within the Security Engagement (Pilot+) for Microsoft Copilot for Security, we offer a range of services aimed at enhancing your security readiness and optimizing the integration of Copilot for Security within your organizational framework. [2-3 weeks]


  • Copilot for Security readiness.

  • Evaluate your tenant in preparation for Copilot for Security deployment.

  • Review your maturity level within the Microsoft security suite and its integration with Copilot for Security.

  • Evaluate and validate your use cases and requirements in an isolated lab environment.

  • Implement use case scenarios for three core technologies/plug-ins [Up to 3 use cases].

  • Enable and configure required plug-ins.

  • Implement one automation workflow for a use case scenario.

  • Create and implement promptbooks based on use case scenarios [up to 3 promptbooks].

  • Copilot for Security knowledge transfer sessions.

  • Best practices for prompting and prompt enrichment (prompt engineering).

  • Findings and recommendations.


  • Knowledge transfer

  • Describe recommended practices and lessons learned.

  • Review your current environment and identity requirements.

  • Documentation

  • Solution design presentation

  • A high-level presentation about how Copilot for Security can achieve the unique security needs of the organization.

  • Synergy Advisors’ recommendations.

  • Lab guide document

  • A step-by-step document outlining how to validate the identified use cases in the lab environment.

  • Focus on specific requirements for your organization.

  • Lab environment

  • An environment representative of your proposed architecture or access to a Synergy-hosted lab environment.

The engagement includes:

  • Copilot for Security Readiness: Assess the prerequisites, evaluate your tenant and maturity level with the Microsoft security suite and its integration with Copilot for Security, and evaluate regulatory requirements. This includes providing findings and recommendations to enhance readiness.

  • Evaluate Your Requirements and Use Cases: We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and use cases. This helps us tailor the engagement to your needs.

  • Implement Use Case Scenarios for Three Core Technologies/Plug-ins: Implement use case scenarios for three core technologies/plug-ins, providing hands-on experience and practical knowledge.

  • Enable and Configure Required Plug-ins: Assistance enabling and configuring the required plug-ins to implement and optimize the use case scenarios.

  • Implement One Automation Workflow for a Use Case: We help you leverage Copilot’s automation capabilities to streamline your security processes, using a specific use case as an example.

  • Create and Implement Promptbooks Based on Use Cases: Create and implement up to 3 promptbooks based on the use case scenarios, providing a practical guide for your specific requirements.

  • Copilot for Security Knowledge Transfer Sessions: Conduct up to 4 knowledge transfer sessions to ensure the organization has a comprehensive understanding of Copilot for Security and its capabilities.

  • Best Practices for Prompting and Prompt Enrichment (Prompt Engineering): We provide strategies and best practices for prompting and prompt enrichment, enhancing the effectiveness of Copilot for Security.

How to Get Started with Synergy Advisor Security Engagement (Pilot+) for Microsoft Copilot for Security:

Embark on a journey towards fortified security and enhanced efficiency with Synergy Advisor Security Engagement (Pilot+) for Microsoft Copilot for Security. Our comprehensive approach ensures not only the seamless implementation but also the meticulous optimization of Microsoft Copilot for Security, precisely tailored to meet your organization's unique requirements. The goal of consulting services is to provide professional services that help customers get started with or extend their use of Microsoft 365 by providing expertise, capabilities, and know-how that they either do not have in-house or need to augment. Reach out to us now to initiate this transformative process and pave the way for a more secure and resilient future.

Let's join forces to navigate this path towards enhanced security together.

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