Advanced Employee Insights Consulting and Advisory - 1 Month - Implementation

TCS - Digital Workplace

Our services engagement are designed with a comprehensive approach to cater business-specific needs, the technical and data analysis requirements of Microsoft Viva Insights.

The ability to adapt and unlock the power of your existing data thru Microsoft Viva Insights to understand how teams work, degree of empowerment and how the manager role impacts everyday activities to drive and TCS Microsoft Viva Advanced Insights Consulting, and Advisory support services equip HR partners and the Insights Analyst team to perform analysis using the Workplace Analytics platform and functionality beyond onboarding, configuration, and implementation measure the change for the organization to move forward.

Below are activities to help make decisions with foresight and experience to achieve your business objectives:

  1. Micosoft Viva insights onboarding briefing email feedback
  2. Guidance in securing approval from Data Security & Privacy team and workers council
  3. Get help with setup, onboarding, features and functionality, and data analysis about using Microsoft Viva Insights.
  4. Get help with the setup of Personal insights queries about the Dashboard, Outlook add-in, Digest emails, or inline suggestions.
  5. Support for manager and leader insights and advanced insights support.
  6. Feedback about feature requests for the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams.
  7. Guiding to gather relevant organizational data to be included in the Workplace Analytics platform for analysis

TCS Microsoft Viva Advanced Insights Consulting and Advisory support engagement can be procured on monthly basis.

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