Manual Testing Services4Dynamics: 3-Day Assessment

Testhouse Ltd

Proactively test, monitor, support, and enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment to ensure you are getting the best return from your technology investment.

Testhouse is one of the few companies specialising in Dynamics 365 testing and Quality Assurance. A certified Microsoft Azure DevOps Gold partner, Testhouse has devised several solutions to ensure the highest quality of your Dynamics 365 implementation delivered in the most cost-effective way.

These include performance and functional testing, both manual and automatic, migration and integration assistance, configuration management, version control, and others. We guarantee that we can test and deliver any implementation scenario imaginable. Our expertise in testing and assuring full functionality of Dynamics 365 installations has helped many businesses across many verticals increase their business efficiencies and customer satisfaction levels.

Testhouse is able to successfully deliver the Manual Testing 3-day assessment because we:

  • Re-use manual test scripts from our comprehensive Dynamics and 365 repositories (5,000+ manual test scripts)
  • Have tested the migration of suites with more than 10,000 users to Dynamics from other CRM solutions in the market.
  • Specialise in assuring the quality of Dynamics 365 (CRM & AX) integration with other complex solutions such as SAP and Oracle products.
  • Our dedicated team of Microsoft-certified Dynamics 365 consultants are available around the clock.


What we do: (Any one Module - Sales, Finance, Marketing & Services)

Day 1 - Test design and test data preparation

Day 2 - Test execution and defect reporting

Day 3 - Test execution and defect reporting, and client de-brief


  • Test Cases/Scenarios
  • Final defect tracking report
  • Test data used
  • Outstanding issues /concerns if any
  • Regular test status report on various phases of testing
  • Traceability matrix
  • Client presentation, de-brief, and recommendation reports

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